I wrote a post on my other blog about dealing with bull**** in my work. It seems that there are a lot of people nowadays who aren’t concerned at all with whether they are telling you the truth or not. They just say what they think they want you to hear, or they just make assertions that they pull out of thin air, with nothing to back it up.

While it’s possible to work with BS artists, it takes time to get to the heart of whatever matter you’re talking about, and often in the business of buying and selling property, we just don’t have the time for it.

Our promise to you is that we will NOT give you a load of BS just to make you feel good. When we discuss whether we can buy your house, we give you the facts and present real options, so you can make a good choice.

It helps us help you if you be straightforward with us, as well. We want to know your actual situation, not what you wish your situation could be. We need to know what shape your house is in, what you owe, what circumstances you’re dealing with that make you want to sell us your house, etc.

When we both talk straight to each other, we can quickly figure out the best course of action, and get to work on your situation!

Call us at 512-807-8777 for straight talk and honest feedback.