Our mascot Hermann says, “We buy sad houses and make them happy again.” But I want to point out that we do much, much more than that to make sad houses happy again. We offer a wide range of services that helps us ensure we find the right solution to whatever is making each house we look at sad. Solving the wrong problem isn’t really helpful at all.

So the first thing we have to do is figure out why this particular house is sad. Some of the sadifiers we encounter include:

  • Financial problems
  • Deferred maintenance
  • Estates
  • Job transfers

Financial Problems

Financial problems can include job loss, tax problems, medical costs, or anything else that keeps a family from making timely mortgage payments. The closer a house gets to foreclosure, the fewer options we have to solve the problem. If there is enough time and the family is willing (and able) to do the work to repair the house enough to sell, we can refer the owners to our network of contractors and help them find a helpful Realtor®, like Carol.

If the house is only days away from foreclosure, the homeowner may be left with only two options: let the house go to foreclosure or accept the best offer we (or some other cash buyer) can make. If we buy it, we hope they’ll at least wind up with a little cash to help move, but based on the value of the home and the cost to repair, we can’t guarantee that. (Sometimes, your best option is the one that does the least damage.) We can’t even guarantee we’ll be able to buy the home until we see how much is owed on it and what condition it’s in, but we can guarantee we’ll do everything we can to help.

Deferred Maintenance

Trash trailer mostly full
Deferred maintenance comes in a variety of flavors. You might be surprised how much trash we haul off.

Sometimes people just let a house go. Without constant maintenance, entropy sets in and the house deteriorates. Once again, we can either help the homeowner find a contractor to do the repairs or make an offer on the house. The price we can offer depends on the value once the house is fully repaired and the cost to do those repairs. Sadly, I’ve never seen a homeowner who wanted to sell a house because of deferred maintenance who was willing to step up to the cost of repairing the house.


Losing one’s parents is hard enough. Suna and I have each lost both of ours, so we can relate to the pain. And the last thing we want to do is to take advantage of someone who has recently lost a parent. But there are many reasons why heirs may choose to sell a house. Most commonly, it is too far away from where they want to live and they don’t want to become landlords. We have bought several houses from estates and have always figured out a win-win scenario for the heirs and us.

Job Transfers

Hermit Haus strives to operate in the sweet spot where our three circles of responsibility overlap. It’s the only place we can be certain everybody wins.

We have bought several houses from people who needed to move quickly to take advantage of a job transfer. The happiest of these times, a promotion went along with the transfer. But on occasion, there was just too much that needed to be done to get the house ready to sell and not enough time (or money) to get it done before the seller had to be at the new job. We have a couple of purchase strategies that can help ensure that the seller gets the money they need and we can afford to renovate the house.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that we really do want to help sellers as much as we can, but we have our own bottom line to maintain. We value a win-win where the seller and us both come out ahead of the other options.

Do you have a sad house or know someone who does? If so, we are always happy to meet with you or your friend to go over all the options. We never charge for our consultation, and we don’t get paid for referring contractors or agents. You can reach us at 512-807-8777!