Your friends at Hermit Haus want to send greetings for Christmas and the winter holidays. We’ve been so busy working on houses that you haven’t heard from us much, but we’ve been thinking of all of the people we can help with problem houses, too.

For example, we recently bought a house from a family who just couldn’t keep up with the payments and didn’t have the funds to remove all the items they had in the house. We told them not to worry about leaving things there; we’d take care of it. And two dumpsters later, the house was ready to renovate, and the family was able to move on without worrying about “all that stuff.”

When we buy houses, we seek to fix them up so that another family in the neighborhood can purchase it. It’s important to us to create affordable housing, not price people out of their own neighborhoods. Remember that when you look for someone to buy your house.

We’d love to hear from you! Contact Carol at 512-807-8777 to speak to a real human, or fill out the form below, and we will contact you!