[I wrote a similar post for another blog, but thought I’d share here, too.]

I’ve been thinking a lot about this, in light of recent events that really hit close to home. What do we need more of in the world right now? This:

Caring, kindness, and empathy.

It’s certainly one of the focuses (or foci!) of the Hermit Haus businesses.

  • We listen to the people who come to us wanting to sell their houses, for example, and even if their project isn’t right for us, we help them figure out what is good for them. That’s important.
  • We network with others in our field. Sure, sometimes it’s so we can make money, but at other times, it’s just to provide another perspective or recommend a better funding source.
  • If a friend or colleague needs help, we offer it, when we can. I think our readers can all remember when we shared times like that!

Most of our readers aren’t in the real estate redevelopment business. But, that doesn’t mean that whatever you do in your life, you can’t find ways to show others that you care, be kind, and have empathy with others in situations that maybe you can’t understand. If more of us were kind to people dealing with hard situations, we might just have less violence in the world, better mental health outcomes for troubled folks, and more friends. Plus, every person you know who thinks highly of you is someone who can help YOU if you need a job, need a contact, or need any kind of help.


What are you doing to spread caring, kindness, and empathy? Hug a friend. Talk to someone who’s sad. Talk to your kids about bullying. Just do something.

And of course, call us if you need help with a housing situation, before you get desperate. 512-807-8777.