Today I was reflecting on how much work it has been to stage the houses we sell, but how it’s been worth it to us, as home rehabilitation specialists. The photo above shows a house we just sold for full asking price, thanks to careful staging with accessories.

But, as a homeowner, the thought of having to empty my house of all my stuff, fix up everything that’s not working perfectly, or even to pay someone to make the house look spectacular…that was just too much for me. I was working two jobs and traveling between two towns every week. When would I have time to DO all that?

If you want to sell a house for the highest amount possible, staging it for sale is the way to go. I’ve written an essay on the pros and cons of staging, and I encourage you to read it while you’re making up your mind.

If you’d like to save the time and money of fixing your house up to sell it, you do have options! We are more than happy to do all that stuff for you, in return for buying the house at a lower price. Many people find they come out even on the money part and save a LOT of time and effort.

Give us a call to see if it’s right for you! 512-807-8777!