Last weekend, Lee and I went to a beautiful wedding of two young people who are still saving for their first house. Combining their incomes and credit ratings, they will be well on their way to traditional financing of a home.

Sometimes, though, a wedding can bring on homeowner woes.

When each member of a couple already has their own home or multiple households are combining, there’s often a need to sell one house. With families to think of and wedding expenses mounting, the last thing people like this need is to spend time and money readying a house for sale.

A newlywed may well be moving to a new town, too. They often prefer to sell their house fast, rather than maintin a house until it sells, then negotiate from another place.

A family we knew sold a rental home to finance their wedding and honeymoon. They just wanted the money and not the hassle of selling the place at retail price.

In all these cases, we can turn wedding bell blues into happliy ever after. Do you know how to find us and have eternal wedded bliss? Call 512-807-8777!