I recently wrote a blog post on my other blog about the idea that curb appeal can be in the eye of the beholder, and sometimes folks go too far in their landscaping fantasies.

This can be a real issue if you are trying to sell your home. If you fix the inside up to where it looks like it could be in a magazine, but leave the grass unmowed and hedges untrimmed, many people won’t even walk in.

That’s why real estate folks recommend adding some flowers and at least neatening up the shrubbery to sell a house. Lots of people completely re-landscape, plant new grass, etc. (then the house sells, no one waters for a month, and everything dies, but that’s another blog post).

Take a look at the property you are thinking of selling. How’s that front yard? What’s it look like back in the back? Can you walk back there? Are there hidden surprises (the kiddie pool from 1997, for example)?

You can call in landscaping services to fix things up, or you can do it yourself. One costs money, one costs time. Would it be more worth your while to just sell the house as it is, for a bit less money, knowing that will save you time and effort?

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