When I was talking about the pesky rodents, one other type of annoying creature I mentioned was bugs. Now, some bugs don’t do anything to bother us, other than creeping us out. The ones in the picture here are black-and-yellow- mud daubers. It turns out they rarely sting anyone, and the only thing they do to bother people is build their nests in unattractive spots.

wasp nests
Paper wasp at left, mud dauber at right.

However, no one wants to buy a house with dozens of paper wasp nests all around it, because those WILL sting, and lots of people are allergic. Here’s my handy photo to show the difference between their nests.

And what if you have a roach problem? Sugar ants? Carpenter ants! Oh my!

These things do add up, don’t they? You can try to do it yourself (our buddies at TipsBulletin naturally have some wasp removal ideas). And of course, you can pay a service to get rid of these things, but some, like termites, are NOT cheap (we just paid $1500 for a small infestation, ourselves). By the time you finish paying to treat all these bugs or finish taking care of it yourself (avoiding stings), you can see the profit from your potential sale falling and falling.

If THAT bugs you, remember, you can always skip the time and effort of paying to have an infestation removed, and just sell a buggy property to someone as-is. Sure, you won’t get top dollar, but then, your house isn’t in top dollar shape if it’s full of creepy crawlies! Get out now! Call us at 512-807-8777. No matter where you are, we can refer you to someone.