We were recently contacted by someone who just got a GREAT job opportunity in another state. The only problem was that they owned a house that could kindly be described as a “fixer upper,” but had no time to fix her up. Years of dog ownership had put quite a few tears in screens and scratches on doors. A zealous lab pup had even eaten some of the siding (labs love Hardy Plank).

Visions of trying to manage repairs from the new location, or of negotiating sales (when and if it sold) were going through their head.

That’s when we got a call. There is plenty to worry about when you need to relocate quickly, and selling a house is stressful on its own. We offered a reasonable price for the house with all its issues and imperfectiuons.

The owner reasoned that the low price wasn’t all that low when factoring in the time and worry saved. We won the house. Our client won peace of mind and a higer income. They still had a good down payment on a new residence.

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