We aren’t one of those “flippers” who make houses look good on the surface to sell them fast. When we renovate, a lot of the work we do isn’t obvious from the outside. Many of our projects have needed foundation work, insulation, termite treatment, etc. We want to make homes we buy safe for the next owners.

But sometimes, a quick fix is the right thing. Here’s an example.

Last week the air conditioning went out at our office, which is a house built in the 1930s, so we immediately thought that the fairly old central air conditioning system was broken. Our assistant, Mandi, and I worked from home for a week, waiting to find someone who could come look at it.

Then, Mandi decided to just take a look at the filter. Oops. It was solid with dust. No wonder the unit wasn’t working! One trip to the store to get a new filter, and we were up and running again. This quick fix worked!

And let that be a lesson to all. Those filters really DO need to be changed reguarly, and not just at home, but at the office as well! Do as we say, not as we do!

And give us a call if you have a house with no heat or air that you can’t afford to fix up in order to sell it: 512-807-8777!