One of the areas of a house that can make it hard to sell is bathrooms. Sometimes, a choice made many years ago can turn folks off, though, old things DO come back (I recently saw on television how some people kept the pink and black tile in a 30s bathroom and simply updated it, which looked really good; I hope someone did that with my great aunt’s house).

Bathroom remodels usually cost around $10K, for a small bath. That’s great if you have that money to spend. But, if you need to sell a house and have no time or money to make the bathrooms appealing to buyers, consider selling the house to us. We may pay less, because of needed updates, but you won’t have to spend the time to do them yourself, and you’ll still end up with money in the bank.

Intriguing? Phone 512-807-8777. We even buy houses with functioning outhouses.