I know the answer to this question! None of us! We simply cannot see the future, and even when we make decisions using as much evidence and research as we can, sometimes things just don’t go right.

That’s happened to us recently. We were all set to renovate a house, when out of the blue, our contractor had a family emergency and could not do the work. There’s nothing we could have done to prevent this, since the guy has always been great to work with. And we know it’s not his fault. We firmly believe he is right to put his family first. We are finding others to fill in for him.

Homeowners find themselves in these situations, too. You or a loved one could require medical attention, perhaps in another location. You need cash, fast. Talk to us, if you need to use the money from your house to help with emergency needs. We will still be there to give advice and direction to help you get back in the housing market later, when things stabilize, too.

Situations can change in the blink of an eye. We all need to be flexible, especially these days.

You can find us at 512-807-8777 if you’d like to discuss your options with us.