Seriously, we want to buy a few houses in Rockdale, Texas, an area we’ve previously been avoiding because of negative appreciation. It’s a town the same size as Cameron, and it’s also in Milam County.

And guess what? We would buy it quickly and pay cash!

So, we know that some new employers are coming to Rockdale, and we are very aware that there will be a need for houses in good shape for new residents or current residents who can move up thanks to a new job. Many current residents don’t have the means to fix them up right now, though.

We can buy your house that’s in bad shape and would take a lot of your time and money to fix up. That will let you make a good down payment on a house that’s already fixed up, and be ahead of the crowd! What do you think?

Call us at 512-807-8777! We can help you figure out your options!