Here is the house, almost finished.

One of the houses we’ve been working on lately is a good example of what we try to do in our business. Let us share the story.

The house before, with some front debris already removed.

Last fall, a family member contacted us about a house in Round Rock, Texas that the family wanted to sell to pay medical expenses for the person who had been living there until recently. They were having trouble selling it, because of its condition.

Here’s the kitchen before, looking into the living room.

The owner had both medical and mental health issues, which led to the house being completely filled with things he’d collected over the years. Plus animals had been in there, and the yard was equally full of fascinating things.

Here’s the same kitchen view, after renovation.

We agreed to purchase the house at below market value, but still enough to help the family. While we waited for the sale to go through, the family kindly tried to clean the place up for us, which was very sweet.

Still, we went through many, many dumpsters to clean the place out. That took as long as the eventual rehab took.

Yep, there was a bit of stuff back there.

Underneath the assorted things was a nice house in a convenient neighborhood with a HUGE yard!

Ahh, that’s better.

We added skylights, a new roof, and a gorgeous kitchen and are now just about ready to put it on the market. We enabled our contractor to make some money, we will make money, and the family had much needed funds, too.

This worked because we all understood the issues with the house and were able to quickly come to an agreement. How about you? Do you know anyone in a similar situation?